AmeraTex Energy - US should use oil and gas as strategic weapon in world politics

04 March — The United States should use its oil and gas bounty as a strategic weapon, helping to protect allies and tame crises like those unfolding in Russia and Venezuela, Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Monday.

December 2013

  1. Dec 06

    AmeraTex Energy | Louisiana failed to collect millions in oil and gas taxes

    ​Louisiana missed out on millions of dollars in oil and gas extraction taxes from 2009 to 2012 because of a faulty collection and refund process at the Department of Revenue.

October 2013

  1. Oct 13

    AmeraTex Energy | Senate passes bill to enact US-Mexico oil treaty

    The Senate unanimously passed legislation to enact a long-stalled international treaty that would govern oil drilling along the U.S.-Mexico border in the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Oct 08

    AmeraTex Energy | Under Obama, U.S. Leads the World in Oil and Gas Production

    The United States will pass Russia this year to lead the world in production of oil and natural gas, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports.

September 2013

  1. Sep 24

    AmeraTex Energy | Oil and gas firms no longer find home in Sumatra

    Sumatra Island is now packed with multifaceted problems from licensing to illegal tapping that may turn off potential investors.
  2. Sep 13

    AmeraTex Energy | Power Africa or Power Oil and Gas Profits?

    The oil and gas industry a beacon of responsible stewardship of Africa's natural resources. Their message: we don't need safeguards or regulation, trust us.
  3. Sep 05

    Syrian Oil And Gas: Little-Known Facts on Syria’s Energy Resources

    Syria possessed 2.5 billion barrels of crude oil as of January 2013, which makes it the largest proved reserve of crude oil in the eastern Mediterranean.

August 2013

  1. Aug 20

    AmeraTex Energy Unbiased Oil Reviews | More oil and gas ups our addiction

    Increasing domestic oil and gas production is no panacea for our nation's energy needs or economy. That will only intensify our fossil fuel addiction.

July 2013

  1. Jul 26

    AmeraTex Energy | House Dems push bill to end oil and gas waste exemption

    A pair of House Democrats floated legislation Thursday that would end the oil and gas industry’s exemption to a federal waste disposal law, which could have implications for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.
  2. Jul 08

    AmeraTex Energy | Texas's Amazing Shale Oil And Gas Abundance

    Texas has an amazing volume of both commodities underneath its soil in various shale formations around the state. From the Barnett Shale in north Texas, to the Haynesville Shale in East Texas, to the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, to the Cline and Wolfcamp Shales in West Texas’s Permian Basin – Texas is swimming in recently-discovered oil and natural gas reservoirs.

June 2013

  1. Jun 26

    AmeraTex Energy | U.S. Oil and Gas at Greater Risk for Cyber Attacks

    AmeraTex Energy | Cyber attacks on energy companies are increasing in both frequency and sophistication, making them more difficult to detect and defend against, says the CFR report. Cyber espionage is being carried out by foreign intelligence and defense agencies, even organized crime or freelance hackers, it added.
  2. Jun 24

    AmeraTex Energy - Oil and gas ad campaign builds industry support

    For years, the print, television, online and radio ads have been geared toward building grass-roots and statewide support and helping to meet a number of goals for the industry’s operations.
  3. Jun 02

    AmeraTex Energy | Human error causes over 91% of incidents in oil and gas sector

    Middle East at cutting edge of technological advancements but needs human capital focus to compete globally says expert; industry leaders to gather at the 9th Annual HSE Forum in Energy in Qatar to discuss ways to improve health & safety.

May 2013

  1. May 27

    AmeraTex Energy New Frontiers: Suddenly, the oil and gas potential of the Arctic looms large

    The possibility of producing oil and natural gas from the Arctic region was always seen as a possibility, one that became more likely as the polar ice cap receded. But the pace of interest has surged, as Gary Gentile discusses in this week’s Oilgram News column, New Frontiers.
  2. May 19

    AmeraTex Energy | Treat and reuse oil and gas wastewater? Yes

    Decreasing the water footprint of the oil and gas industry benefits water users throughout the Colorado River Basin. It's a responsible way to manage all of Colorado's valuable natural resources.